Vitamin C

Fights colds and flus by boosting the immune system. Helps the body absorb iron, promotes healthy gums, and is an antioxidant that helps cells grow and stay healthy

Foods Referencing vitamin C

Artichoke   Blackberry   Broccoli   Cabbage   Cantaloupe   Cauliflower   Cherry   Cucumber   Eggplant   Green Bean   Green Grape   Green Pepper   Honeydew   Kiwi   Mango   Nectarine   Onion   Orange   Papaya   Peach   Pear   Peas   Pineapple   Plum   Pomegranate   Purple Grape   Purple Potato   Radicchio   Red Grapefruit   Red Grapes   Spinach   Strawberry   Tomato   Watermelon   White Potato   Yellow Potato