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Grapes: A Live-Long and Prosper Fruit

When it comes to prepping fruit, grapes are one of the easiest: just rinse under cold running water, pat dry, and enjoy. And if you're a grape lover, you know how easy it is to eat handful after handful - which is a good thing when it comes to healthy eating, considering grapes are linked to a long life. Grapes contain phytonutrients, and one in particular, resveratrol, has been shown to play a part in longevity. Grapes are also filled with beta-carotene and contain melatonin. And lucky for us that all of the grape is edible as the seed and the skin contain the highest assembly of antioxidants.

If you want better blood pressure regulation, better total cholesterol regulation, lower LDL cholesterol levels, lower LDL oxidation, lower levels of reactive oxygen molecules in the blood, and better inflammatory regulation in the blood, you'll want to put grapes on your shopping list.

Here are some ways to enjoy grapes:

  • Add grapes to chicken, pasta, or seafood salads
  • Add grapes to fruit salads
  • Add grapes to mixed green salads
  • Cool drinks with frozen grapes instead of ice
  • Enjoy grapes as is for a quick and refreshing snack
  • Enjoy grapes with cheese and crackers
  • Make grape popsicles using grape juice and smashed grapes
  • Mix grapes into cottage cheese