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5 Reasons to Brown Bag

There are some people who pack their lunch every day. And then there are some people who eat out every day. If you fall into the latter group and you’re wanting to brown bag it more often, here are five reasons why you should pack your lunch.

Control. Do you find yourself eating less healthy foods because you’re limited with options near the office? When you pack your own lunch, you’re more in control of what you eat.

Energy. Don’t you hate it when you eat a big lunch and then get sleepy at 3:00pm? When you pack your own lunch, you’re more likely to choose healthier lunch options such as lean proteins with carbohydrates that give you lasting energy and keep you going through the late afternoon. Think trail mix, whole-grain options, low-fat option, and fruits and vegetables.

Money. Have you ever tracked how much money you spend in one month, on lunch alone? It can be shocking. When you pack your own lunch, you always save money.

Time constraints. Do you ever wait in a long line only to realize you have only have 15 minutes to eat your lunch? Having to eat your lunch in a hurry is the equivalent of not being able to enjoy your lunch. Eating should be about the tastes, textures, and experience.

Variety. How many times in one month do you eat pizza? When you pack your own lunch, you can get as creative as you want and your food options are limitless.