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Great Grilled Seafood

If you love the flavor of grilled foods but also want to watch your caloric intake, you should consider grilling nutritious fish. Fish generally contains less fat than meat and poultry. Take note, though: Because of high water content, some fish may end up falling apart on the grill. Choose seafood that can stand the heat! Here are three choices that are great for the grill:
Halibut – This mild flavored white fish is easy to grill and makes a great substitute for other varieties of fish and poultry in most recipes. If marinating, use a dry rub as acidic marinades may break down the meat. Halibut is great for kebabs and fish tacos. An excellent source of selenium and tryptophan.
Salmon – Salmon is firm in texture, salmon lends itself to a variety of complementary flavors, and salmon is quick to cook. This fish is made for grilling! Try pairing grilled salmon with a flavorful mango salsa. An excellent source of tryptophan and vitamins D and B12. Also a very good source of omega-3 fats and protein.
Tuna – Because tuna is a lean fish, it can dry out on the grill. Oil or marinate before grilling. If marinating, use a mild marinade. An acidic marinade may cook the fish before you put it on the grill. An excellent source of protein, selenium, tryptophan, and vitamin B3.